Offering hope and support for pregnancy complications, infants with special care needs, and infant loss
Inclusive. Understanding. Patient. Compassionate. Respectful.
About Us
  • Emotional support and resources for mothers who are struggling with a difficult pregnancy or who are on bedrest
  • Comfort for parents during and after the hospital experience to assist with feelings of loneliness, fear, and guilt
  • Support for parents who are caring for a premature infant or an infant with a medical condition 
  • Support for parents who are coping with pregnancy loss or infant loss
  • Resources for the prevention and challenges of prematurity


​Our Miracle Babies was established in Rochester, MN, in 2011, by local mothers who have coped with pregnancy complications, premature infants, infants with medical conditions, pregnancy loss, and infant loss. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge, providing strength, and building a community to support each other and to honor our miracle babies.

Our Miracle Babies provides a meaningful connection and support for parents in the following situations:​​
  • Are experiencing complications in pregnancy or are on bedrest
  • Have premature infants or full-term infants with medical complications
  • Have experienced a pregnancy loss or infant loss​​
Support is available during pregnancy, after delivery, in the neonatal or special care nursery, and beyond. Through Our Miracle Babies, parents meet other parents who have gone through these same experiences. Parents share information, comfort one another, and gain a better understanding of pregnancy complications, issues with having a premature infant, and local early intervention services.